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International Day of Happiness #foreigner_friendly

20th March is the International Day of Happiness when we can all share happiness without barriers, regardless our nationality, gender or age. For the second year in a row we join our friends Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022 for Happiness Day program and we announce happiness initiative - our #foreigner_friendly coworking space.

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This year we had even three #foreigner_friendly happiness activations: Cook Mexican Happiness (MEX Lunch), Hear another Man Happiness (lecture by Steven Rudolph) and See another Happiness (movie).

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MEX lunch participants brought different kinds of ingredients, sauces, vegetables which they mixed and made mexican tortilla, burrito or tacos by temselves. Mexican lunch without lime is not mexican at all. No coincidence that this year Kaunas 2022  Happiness Day symbol was lime.

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"It was the most amazing lunch party I've ever been to", – shared Happspace member. The most enjoyable thing for participants was cooking, socializing with other Happspace members, sharing their recipes.

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Happspace member, american who lived in India, France and Lithuania – Steven Rudolph presented Lithuania from a foreigner perspective. Even if Lithuanians are sometimes negative about their nation, Steven had an amazing great and happy time in here between Lithuanians. Reserved Lithuanians sometimes made a lot of questions for the educator because he could not understand if his seminar participants really liked it or not. Though Steven sees Lithuanians as generous and honest people.

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Thanks Kaunas 2022 for beautiful happiness events which brings even more smiles.