What are the main Happspace offers?

Hot desk

The person has full membership in the Happspace community and is welcome to come here every day. He/she chooses any free work place in the co-working area every visit.

Private desk

The person has full membership in the Happspace community and is welcome to come here every day. He/she has a permanent working place reserved for him/her for the agreed period. 


The person has full membership in the Happspace community and is welcome to come here every day. The member works with his/her colleagues in a chosen office, where 4-22 work places may be arranged. Office is lockable and is separated from the co-working area.

What services are included?

Each Happspace branch has few different packages.
#happspace_arka benefits you can view here.
#happspace_bankas benefits you can be view here. #happspace_fontanas benefits you can view here


How do we calculate monthly rent in Happspace?

Happspace monthly rent is calculated from the first day of the month. If the space is rented from the middle of the month, the due amount is divided in two. It means that if the space is rented on the 15th, the rent is calculated up to the 1st of the upcoming month. Afterwards the rent is calculated as standard.

Am I obligated in any way for further rent after I sign the agreement?

Happspace membership agreement does not obligate you in any way to assume long-term rent. The rent may be suspended upon the member’s request.

Is there an option to reserve a work place for longer than 1 month period?

Happspace rent is adjusted individually to each member, meaning that the period can be set depending on the member's request. 

If you are late to pay.

If it ever happens that payment of your monthly rent is overdue and unpaid by more than 5 days, you will have to pay a fee for delay which is equal to 10% from the amount of the Happspace monthly plan payment you have chosen.

What about discounts?

If you pay for 6 months at once, we will apply a 5 % discount.
If you pay for 12 months at once, we will apply a 10 % discount.
For any other discounts check in here.

What are Happspace opening hours?

Happspace is open for Happspace members 24/7. Our community leader is available between 9 a.m.-6 p.m. every work day (Monday-Friday).

Can I come and take a look around?

Ofcouse you can! Just drop a message to our community leader. We will offer you a cup of coffee, tea or water and answer your questions while looking around.

What if I lost member card?

Tell the community leader as soon as possible to block the card. Later he/she will issue a new card for you with a fee of 10 EUR + VAT for the loss of card.

Are guests welcome to the meeting rooms?

Yes! Guests are more than welcome to the meeting rooms. All we ask is to arrange this in advance with the Happspace community leader so the guests could be escorted. 

Can I bring guests?

If you have Private Desk or Hot Desk membership, meetings are available in a meeting room or at common spaces (restaurant, kitchen, leisure area). If you have Box membership, you can also invite guest in your office.

How to book a meeting room?

Call, write or visit community leader and tell him/her when and for how long you want to book a meeting room.

How big are the meeting rooms?

Our meeting rooms can comfortably accommodate  6-8 people.

Exceeding the use of meeting rooms.

If you exceed the allowed monthly use of meeting rooms, you can buy additional time by asking the community leader. Additional time costs must be paid immediately or few days before (1 hour – 10 EUR + VAT).

Can I use meeting room for my event if I am not a member?

Contact the community leader for information about event organizing at Happspace. You can find contacts here.

Happspace is open 24/7 for existing members but if you want a meeting room on weekends and not on community leader working hours, the rental rate will be higher than the standard one.

What is the cost of renting a space for events or video shooting?

We rent meeting rooms and common spaces for meetings, events or video shooting. The prices of additional services depend on the chosen Happspace location. You can view the price list for additional services here.


Is there enough place for bigger teams than 4-8 people in Happspace?

There surely is! Happspace owns offices that can provide working places for up to 22 people.

Is there a safe place for keeping your belongings?

Yes, there is, if you choose Private Desk as your monthly Happspace plan. In that case you will have 3 drawers. One of them has a lock. Meanwhile, the membership plan Box provides you with a lockable office space.

Can I bring my furniture?

You cannot bring your furniture (desk, chairs etc.) but if you want to hang something on the wall, you must ask and consult with the community leader.

Can I work in another Happspace building different from where I am registered?

Every member is allowed to work in another Happspace 1 day per month. Just share this idea with our community leader in advance.

Is there a spot for me to connect to the internet via ethernet?

All rooms have wireless internet access which password can be given by community leader or you can use ethernet cable. We take care of what kind of internet you need.

How does the printing service work?

The number of paper sheets that each member can print is fixed. The printer scans the member's card to authenticate the user and the quantity of sheets to print. It is that simple! Contact your community leader to connect your computer and member card with printing services.

What are additional printing service costs?

Costs of additional printing service:
A4, single-sided uncoloured - 3ct.;
A4, single-sided coloured - 15ct.;
A4, two-sided uncoloured - 6ct.;
A4, two-sided coloured - 30ct.;
A3, single-sided uncoloured - 6ct.;
A3, single-sided coloured - 30ct.;
A3, two-sided uncoloured - 12ct.;
A3, two-sided coloured - 60ct.

Is the coffee for free?

Yes, we offer a black coffee and coffee with milk (caffe latte, cappuccino, flat white etc.) roasted exclusively for Happspace! For non coffee lovers we have different types of tea.

Are Happspace events open to non-members?

It depends on an event, this information you can find in the event description. All Happspace events hosted on the Happspace Facebook page are public and in the Facebook Happspace members' private group are only for Happspace members and their families.

I am leaving Happspace, what should I do?

You should return a member card to the community leader.

Is Happspace pet friendly?

#happspace_bankas and #happspace_fontanas are pet friendly! Just make sure your neighbour is alright with it (allergies, phobias etc.) before bringing your gorgeous friend here. Happspace reserves the right not to let your pet in if it causes any inconveniences. 

It is not allowed to bring pets in #happspace_arka because of the business centre rules. 

What are the payment methods to make a reservation?

You can pay by bank transfer or cash. It's up to you.


Why not? Just arrange it with the Happspace community leader.