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Karaliaus Mindaugo av. 37, Kaunas

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Why Happspace



Open minded community

Happspace is a network that connects and gathers creative and open-minded business communities. It is a place for ambitious people who are in need of an inspiring work space and like-minded souls to dive into the deep waters.

You choose when - 24/7

For some of us, ideas are born in the crowd. For others - silence of the night is a must.
Flexibility is our motto. We have designed spaces for work and leisure altogether so you could maximize your productivity and let your creativity run wild!
Our leisure areas and conference rooms are to meet everyone's needs. Whenever! We're OPEN 24/7

No long-term liabilities

We're not asking for any long-term commitments from you. You may stay as much as YOU DECIDE! ..and yet we're pretty sure you're going to come back for more.

And no additional fees whatsoever!

However, if you do want to  p r o m i s e  us that you're here for good (or any other long-term agreement) - we CAN DO THAT, too.


Everyone knows that great ideas are born in the shower!

Therefore, you will find nicely set up showers in all Happspaces that you can use after a hard day at work.

Fully equippped work place

Not a care in the world! Happspace will always greet you with a comfortably set-up work place.

Conference rooms

Every Happspace provides conference rooms for its community, so why not show your clients how you do business by having your meetings here?


Ride your bicycle

High five if two wheels is the way your ride! Located in the heart of the city, Happspace is especially easy to reach by bike.


If having lunch in the city is not your thing, all members are welcome to enjoy their home made meals in the Happspace kitchen! And feel free to share with your mates.


Stay connected - Happspace has all the wi-fi and more! Surf the web anywhere in the office at high speeds.

Events and trainings

Happspace is a close community and we intend to grow together! Thats why we are constantly organizing events and trainings for all of us. We want us to be great!

Place for belongings

Did you choose a plan with a permanent work place? Sweet! That means you get to own a private safe box for all your belongings.

Leisure zones

A cosy spot to relax is never too far away in Happspace! Feel free to enjoy one of our many leisure zones.

Pet friendly!

Happspace is for everyone to enjoy.. even your pet! Just don't forget to make sure your coworking neighbour is okay about it.

Mail reception

Every member of Happspace is able to receive her / his mail here at Happspace. Just don't forget to arrange it with us, please!

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Talks about us

Mindaugas Kiznis CTO
Virginija Vitkienė and Ana Čižauskienė Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022
Mantas Didžiulis „Major Challenge“ CEO and founder
Mindaugas Kiznis CTO
Paulius Grigaliūnas „Sweco“ projektų vadovas
Virginija Vitkienė and Ana Čižauskienė Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022
Virginija Vitkienė and Ana Čižauskienė Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022
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Laisvės av. 51A, Kaunas +370 614 55 955

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Laisvės av. 84B, Kaunas +370 614 55 955


Karaliaus Mindaugo str. 37, Kaunas +370 614 55 955


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